Keratoconic Contact Lens Fittings

Keratoconus is unlike any other vision problem; it is a unique degenerative disorder which causes structural changes to the cornea of the eye. The cornea begins to thin due to weakening of the collagen fibers in the corneal tissue. As the condition progresses, it is necessary to correct the vision with a rigid, gas-permeable lens, also known as an RGP lens. Dr. Chandler has extensive experience in fitting keratoconic patients with these lenses.

Rigid Gas-Permeable Lenses

More rigid and durable than soft contact lenses, rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lenses allow a healthy flow of oxygen to reach the eye. More resistant to lens deposits than soft contact lenses, RGP lenses do not need to be replaced as often and are less likely to harbor bacteria. Though initially not as comfortable as soft lenses, due to the ability to retain their shape, RGP lenses can provide crisper, clearer vision.