Get Cookin’ Despite Your Low Vision

June 28, 2024

Navigating life at home poses challenges for people with hindered eyesight. Safely preparing meals can be tricky. But you can set yourself up for success to enjoy your culinary endeavors. 

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We can help you understand why an organized kitchen is key. Group similar items together. Stash frequently used utensils in a nearby drawer, pots in one lower cabinet and pans in another. 

Use large-print labels, color-coded tabs or tape to clearly identify everything, especially ingredients that resemble each other, such as salt, flour and baking soda. Wrap brightly colored rubber bands around items that come in similar containers, like milk, half-and-half and orange juice. When you’re ready to cook, gather all of the utensils and ingredients you’ll need so they’re at your fingertips. 

Color contrast helps. Use a light-colored cutting board for dark foods and vice versa. Trays are great! Get plastic or metal ones in a variety of sizes. Measuring, slicing and mixing things on a tray make spills easy to manage. Place used utensils on another tray so it’s a snap to neatly transport them to the sink and dishwasher.

Use a knife with the correct size handle and blade shape for what you’re slicing. Chopping and dicing are easier and safer with a food chopper with a cup, blade and lid. When you cut meat, feel the edge with a fork and line the knife up behind the fork to start cutting. To cut round foods like potatoes or onions, first slice them in half so a steady, flat surface is touching your cutting board. 

Most importantly, use cut-resistant gloves, also known as butchers’ gloves. They’re thin enough to easily move your fingers while cooking and still protect you from cutting yourself.

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